waltz promenade

Waltz Promenade

Waltz Promenade is an answer to the question how to give sound space and how to make a space with sound without bypassing the local architechture.

Aluminium pipes in a "classical" pose are the resonant bodies that produce sound, but not by means of a flow of air. They produce sound by using the principle that makes our hearing possible: a change in airpressure.
By releasing short pulses of pressurized air in one end of the pipe it is possible to smoothly change a percussive sound into a continuous tone.
Using these possibilities the audible space is continiously transformed from the well known Waltz to the unexpected.

(Waltz Promenade's size is variable)

WP@2B WP@2B Waltz Promenade in +3dB festival in 2B Gallery, Budapest, 2010.