For the project Musicaerial by Frouke Wiarda we built Tune Into Wave and Sea Spider

Lift, gravity and drag form the basis for a musical and visual journey. Musicaerial is an event in which the kite is an artwork and the extra sense to hear the movements of the wind and the earth's sound. When balanced, the kite is at rest and a still point of art in the ocean sky, humming the sounds of the universe. Sending a message from the earth up and out into the sky, the kite is sending back a new soundperspective of the earth and the wind. For this project, Frouke Wiarda asked eleven artists to design a flying artwork. A kite-specialist will turn them into flying kite-objects. Eleven composers and sound artists are going to write and perform music for and with this new instrument.

Participating artists, composers and soundartists: Wouter Klein Velderman, Nico Huijbregts, Dyane Donck, Zoro Feigl, Stephan Balleux, Lisa Holden, Wouter Snoei, Arnaud Gerniers, Peter Vos, Tineke van Veen, Neon & Landa, Meri Nikula, Wilbert Bulsink, Christina Viola Oorebeek, Danny de Graan, Radboud Mens, Nanette Kraaikamp, Jeroen Hermkens, Marije Baalman en vliegermaker Benny Schreur