Four hungry bellies synchronizing to one pulse...
And bubbling one rhythm together.
They just can't resist a bit of dancing.
Their gurgling beats bubble into the air.

The title 'Borborhythmi' is a contraction of 'rhythm' and 'borborygmus' (rumbling or gurgling noises in the belly). These normally uncontrollable (and at times embarrassing) belly sounds are the main inspiration for this work.

Borborhythmi is a sound sculpture that uses pressurized air and water to make rhythms. Electronically controlled high-speed valves create bubbles in pipes that are partially filled with colored water. The electronics are a group of 4 microcontrollers synchronized to a common clock and programmed to play rhythmical sequences stored in memory.

Borborhythmi is a sound sculpture designed to play continuously.
(Size 4m x 2m x 3m)